Baby Assault Sentencing 26 Dec 12

A former Hutchinson woman in court on Friday admitted to pinching the nose of her 5-month-old son, stopping him from breathing. 24-year-old Katie Elaine Lewis pleaded guilty to domestic assault by strangulation for the May 2nd incident at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, in which she allegedly was caught on a surveillance video suffocating her child. Lewis had reportedly brought the child to the hospital for testing, saying that the infant would stop breathing, turn blue and then regain consciousness. After extensive monitoring and observation of the child, the hospital staff told Lewis that they could find nothing wrong with the boy and that he would be released within a few hours. Shortly after that, a nurse watching the monitors of the video cameras in the child’s room saw Lewis pinch the child’s nose shut while also covering his mouth area. Her sentencing is scheduled for February 20th.