Sleepy Eye DQ Burglary 03 Nov 12

A Mankato woman was charged with felony aiding and abetting burglary in Brown County Court this week over allegations that she helped a group of juveniles burglarize the Sleepy Eye Dairy Queen. 28-year-old Larissa M. Krebs allegedly told Sleepy Eye authorities that she was the “police lookout” during the burglary earlier this year, and that the 3 boys with her received more money than she did because they committed the actual crime. A total of around $800 in cash and a modem valued at around $300 were reported missing.

  • Guest

    Pretty sure it’s 18 not 28.  I’m also pretty sure you can’t post this until Larissa is convicted of it which all of this is false information, how can a radio station put up false information?

  • Mike Lemmer

    Yes, the age listed for Larissa Krebs is incorrect, she is 18. The rest is not false information. She has been charged with a crime, and those allegations have been made against her. Nothing in this story claims that she actually did those things, hence the word Allegedly. Thanks you for your input though!