Proposed Water Tower Changes 02 Nov 12

The New Ulm Public Utilities Commission is considering a change in the design of a proposed water tower in Nehl’s Park. PUC Engineer Pat Wrase says the new proposal would shrink the capacity of the tower from 500,000 to 250,000 gallons, which would also reduce the size and diameter of the tower. The proposal to build a water tower in Nehl’s Park had some New Ulm residents concerned that it would ruin the park. Wrase says that the move to reduce the size of the tower came after a recent test of the water piping system in the area. The proposed tower would only be able to minimally assist the airport water tower in fighting fires on the western end of town. It would otherwise be able to sufficiently supply the regular water needs. The PUC will reportedly make a final decision on the proposed water tower during it’s November 15th meeting.