NU Residents Superstorm Relief 27 Nov 12

Five more southern Minnesota American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the East Coast to help in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, including 4 residents of New Ulm. The storm devastated large portions of the Northeast almost a month ago, and will likely require the biggest Red Cross response in the US in the past five years. New Ulm residents Monica Mueller, Judy Kastman, Marlys Zetah, and Vincent Rieger, along with Heather Hubel-Coleman of Willmar, will provide assistance with disaster-caused emergency needs. The full resources of the American Red Cross have been mobilized in the storm relief efforts, including 5,800 volunteers from all 50 states. The Red Cross has also deployed their entire fleet of over 320 Emergency Response Vehicles, have provided over 5.6-million meals and snacks, and have provided shelter for over 73,000 people. To make a donation visit