NU Levee Construction Done 27 Nov 12

The construction of the more-than $2-million flood levee along the Minnesota River in New Ulm is essentially complete, with only the installation of storm sewer gates still to be done. The 10-block dike on the south side of New Ulm cost a total of $2.26-million to construct. A Minnesota DNR grant will cover a million dollars of the expenses, with the remaining costs to be worked out between the City of New Ulm and the affected land owners. The project involved a total of 5,300 truckloads of material, with approximately 150,000 cubic yards of clay being used. The levee is 2 feet above the 100-year flood mark, and has a broad top designed to allow additional sandbagging if needed. The levee is private property, and walking on it without permission is considered trespassing.