New Ulm Levee Delayed 06 Nov 12

The completion of the new flood levee along the Minnesota River on the south side of New Ulm is being delayed. The more than $2-million dike had originally been expected to be partially completed by the end of October, with all of the work then being done by early November, but project contractor Mathiowetz Construction has now requested a time extension. Officials say that Mathiowetz needs more time to install the gates that are fitted into storm-sewer control structures due to a delay in the delivery of the gates. When completed, the New Ulm levee will run from 9th South to 19th South Street, and a Minnesota DNR grant will cover nearly half of the construction cost. Work is already well over half done, and the new completion date is expected to be towards the end of next month. The New Ulm City Council will be considering the extension request during its meeting today (TUE), which begins at 4pm at New Ulm City Hall.