MN Election Results Official 28 Nov 12

Most of Minnesota’s 2012 election results were made official Tuesday. The five-member State Canvassing Board comprised of Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and four judges was ratifying vote counts for races across the state. The board ordered two legislative recounts as well. One involves an 11-vote advantage by Republican Representative Mary Franson of Alexandria and the other a 78-vote edge by Democratic candidate Kevin Dahle in State Senate District 20, which includes most of LeSueur County. At stake in that race is Dahle’s return to the Legislature 2 years after losing by fewer than 900 votes. His opponent in the race this year was New Prague Republican Mike Dudley, who received 49.84% of the vote to Dahle’s 50.03%. Democrats will have majorities in both legislative chambers regardless of the 2 recount outcomes.

More Minnesotans voted in the election earlier this month than any other in state history: 2,950,780. That’s according to numbers officially confirmed on Tuesday by the State Canvassing Board. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says that 76.1% of those eligible statewide voted in the election, 30,000 more than the previous record set in 2008. And he says that even greater was the increase in the number of people voting on Election Day itself. In the KNUJ listening area, voter turnout for this election was at or above around 90% in every county. Brown County had a 96% voter turnout this year.