ISD88 Levy Referendum Passes 07 Nov 12

The New Ulm School District 88 Levy Referendum on the ballot on Tuesday was approved by over 1,300 votes. District 88 Superintendent Harold Remme says that this was a crucial vote. The $575 per-pupil, 10-year levy referendum received a total of 5,991 “Yes” votes, and 4,658 “No” votes.

  • concerned citizen

    this will be a short term fix, 80-85% of every school budget is teacher pay , health insurance and retirement.their benefits after retiremnt equal their earinigs and benefit during their working years, at some point this needs to be addressed. we can’t keep beating up the 15% of the budget that has been cannibilized already. a 2% change to the compensation package would make a huge diffrence , how about having teachers concede a little bit. i also remeber class sizes when i was growing up in the 70′s being in the mid to high 20′s , that seem to work back then , why the push to lower class sizes down to the low 20′s , are kids harder to teach? if you doubt my figures above go online and see state and federal averages.