Hwy 14 Safety Improvements 07 Nov 12

The newly resurfaced and restriped Highway 14 from Nicollet to North Mankato is now dotted with over 600 yellow delineators. The centerline delineators prohibit passing on the six mile corridor, and make motorists more aware of the center of the roadway. Rumble strips on both the outside shoulder and the inside median are also part of the safety measures on the dangerous stretch of highway. Full access to all existing field entrances and crossroads remains in place. The goal of the interim safety project is to reduce head-on crashes, which are 3 times more likely to occur on that stretch of highway than the state average for a similar roadway. Extra enforcement by the State Patrol is also part of the safety strategy. The next step is to expand Highway 14 to four lanes from Nicollet to North Mankato beginning in 2017.