Drug Bust In Olivia 06 Nov 12

A Willmar woman is in custody in the Renville County Jail after allegedly selling more than 200 prescription pills to a drug task force informant. 46-year-old Susan Marie Erickson was pulled over by authorities following the alleged drug sale in the parking lot of Max’s Grill in Olivia. During a search of her vehicle, the sheriff’s deputy found the $2,800 in cash used by the undercover informant as well as over 200 different types of pills matching those that had been sold, including 61 oxycodone pills, 71 clonazepam pills and 85 morphine pills. Erickson pleaded not guilty to felony 1st and 2nd-degree drug sales charges in Renville County Court on Friday and her bail was set at $20,000 with conditions. She also has a prior conviction for controlled substance possession.