Child Starvation Court Appearance 21 Nov 12

The rural North Mankato couple accused of starving their 8-year-old adopted child made an appearance in court on Tuesday in an effort to maintain parental rights for their other 3 children. The boy reportedly weighed less than 35-pounds when he was taken from Russell and Mona Hauer earlier this month. The 2 now face 6 felony charges for the abuse. The Hauers have claimed that the child was kept from eating because he had a “Food Hoarding” problem. The boy is currently living with an aunt outside of Mankato, and has reportedly gained 15 pounds and grown 2 inches since being taken from the Hauers less than a month ago. Their attorney says there’s no reason to take the other 3 children away, and that his clients were only doing what therapists had told them to do.