St. Peter Pot Bust 05 Oct 12

A recent traffic stop just south of St. Peter on Highway 169 led to the discovery of over a pound of marijuana. An employee at the Holiday gas station in St. Peter had reported a possible impaired driver to authorities, and the vehicle driven by 23-year-old David Lee Milbrath of Lakefield was seen crossing over the centerline and driving in both lanes. The car was stopped and Milbrath failed several sobriety tests. A search of the vehicle turned up a half a bottle of liquor as well as a backpack containing more than a pound of pot. Milbrath and his passengers, 27-year-old Jason Richard Weets of Alpha and 20-year-old Hannah Marie Wedeking of Lakefield were all taken into custody, and are now facing felony drug charges in Nicollet County Court. They face the possibility of spending up to 5 years in prison.