Sleepy Eye Burglary Sentencing 11 Oct 12

A St. Paul man who broke into the Sleepy Eye Servicemen’s Club this past June was convicted of gross misdemeanor criminal damage to property in a plea deal this week. 49-year-old Thomas Ross Lindstrom was spotted sitting near the rear door of the Servicemen’s Club at around 2:30 on a Saturday morning, and it was later learned that the door had been forced open. Lindstrom fled on foot when a Sleepy Eye police officer approached, and when authorities caught up with him they were forced to use a tazer multiple times to subdue him. He had reportedly been in Sleepy Eye to participate in an activity involving a “large amount of methamphetamine.” Charges of burglary and fleeing a police officer were dismissed in exchange for his guilty plea in Brown County Court on Tuesday. Lindstrom was given credit for the 102 days he served in jail following his arrest, and was ordered to spend 2 years on probation and pay over $4,000 in fines and restitution.