No Abuse From MSU Coach 09 Oct 12

The attorney for the MSU-Mankato football coach who faces child pornography charges says county officials have found no evidence that his client abused his kids. Todd Hoffner’s attorney released letters Monday from a Blue Earth County social worker that state that child protection services are not needed. Hoffner was charged in late August after videos of his three children dancing naked and touching themselves were found on his work-issued cellphone. Hoffner and his wife have said the videos are innocent family moments. His attorney is asking the judge to dismiss the charges. Hoffner is currently on leave from his MSU coaching job, although he has reportedly been volunteering his time with youth football and refereeing.

  • MommyA

    WOW!!!!! What ever happened to childrens privacy?? WTH! Why would anyone write an article and disclose private things about the children? Hello you just set those kids up for some serious teasing. Think twice before disclosing private info about children.Reporter diserves to be fired and KNUJ sued??? Did we the people need to know the children were touching themselves? Well now we all know. KNUJ should be ashamed!!!