McLeod Cty Phone Scam 04 Oct 12

The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office is investigating reports of a phone scam involving supposed delinquent Payday Loans. The nationwide scam involves a caller claiming that the victim owes money on a Payday Loan they have either paid off or never had. Callers pose as police, lawyers, representatives of the Attorney General’s Office, or even FBI agents, and claim to be collecting a debt. The victim is told that there are warrants for their arrest, and the caller demands payment. The callers are often very demanding and belligerent and will harass the victims at home and work. Authorities say that many callers have a strong Indian accent as well. By law, debt collection companies may not harass, swear at you, threaten harm, call continuously, or threaten to have you arrested. If you are contacted by such an operation, you should report it to law enforcement immediately.