Fairmont Cuts Planned 16 Oct 12

The Fairmont School Board has unanimously agreed to cut all non-mandated programs next school year if the district’s levy referendum being put before voters next month is unsuccessful. District residents are being asked to approve a $450 per-pupil levy increase on November 6th, bringing the total Fairmont school levy to $950 per-pupil. If this levy increase fails, the cuts to the district will include all sports and co-curricular programs, including: football, cheerleading, tennis, volleyball, cross country, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, golf, softball, baseball, track, speech, robotics, Knowledge Bowl, math league, yearbook, fall and spring play, student council, band and choir concerts and science fairs, as well as several positions, including activities director and assistant and elementary art, music, and phy-ed teachers, which would be taught by classroom teachers. The school day for Fairmont students would be shortened as well, and would be no longer than required by state law. The cuts total $754,000. A series of hearings on the levy are taking place in the coming weeks.