Bus Driver Slaps Boy 04 Oct 12

A 72-year-old Blue Earth Area school bus driver faces a 5th-degree assault charge after allegedly slapping a 6-year-old boy. Jane Elizabeth Brooks of Blue Earth had reportedly asked the boy to change seats after he had been hitting a smaller child on the head with his book bag and a football. The boy refused to move and Brooks physically moved him, after which he apparently began kicking the children across the aisle. Brooks again stopped the bus, and asked some older children to sit with the boy, but they refused. School staff instructed her to then move the other children away from the boy. While she was moving him, the boy reportedly spit on the children behind him. When he was told not to spit, he did it again and Brooks slapped him across the face. When another student told Brooks that she didn’t need to slap the 6-year-old, she reportedly responded–“Well, maybe that’s what he needed.” She faces up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine and will be in court on October 9th.