State’s Tallest Turbines 25 Sep 12

A new group of wind turbines currently being erected in southern Minnesota will become the tallest wind towers in the state upon their completion. The new turbines going up near Worthington will be 430-feet high when construction is finished by the end of the year. Aaron Peterson of the international company Juwi Wind says that the wind industry has been flourishing recently. He says wind energy is “coming into its own and is viable and mature. He says it is growing, and that the manufacturers are competing at a higher level than they were just a decade ago. Peterson served as a state legislator for District 20A in southwestern Minnesota from 2003 to 2008, and is now the Community Relations and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Juwi Wind. He says that wind energy is now responsible for around 3,000 jobs in Minnesota, and contributes a total of $7.5-million in property tax payments.