Shootings In Marshall 11 Sep 12

Authorities in Marshall are investigating 2 shootings that took place over the weekend that are believed to be related. The first incident occurred at around 2am Saturday. Several rounds from a large-caliber handgun were fired into a bedroom window at a home on North 6th Street in Marshall, with bullets penetrating a mattress as well as the bedroom closet, a window and the home’s siding. No one was injured, and witnesses reported seeing two men running from the scene, one black man and one white man. The second shooting took place early Sunday at a home on Birch Street in Marshall. The residence was struck by several rounds from an unknown weapon, and a witness reported seeing a black man running from the scene. Several people were at the home at the time. Investigators say that the shootings do not appear to be random, and could be related. A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.