Raw Milk Trial Delayed 07 Sep 12

The trial of a Gibbon area farmer accused of selling raw milk and uninspected meat has been postponed to a later date. The trial of 59-year-old Michael O. Hartmann had been scheduled to take place last week, but has been delayed due to unspecified reasons. Hartmann is also accused of selling other unpasteurized dairy products, and has been charged with a total of 9 counts alleging that the raw milk and other products he was selling led to an E. coli outbreak that sent at least 8 people to the hospital. Hartmann’s Grade-A permit was revoked in 2001 due to gross unsanitary conditions at his farm, and many of the same conditions were also documented in 2010, when a state embargo was instituted on his farm. He is serving as his own attorney in the case against him, and faces up to a year in jail.