NU Roundabout Delayed 18 Sep 12

The detour on Highway 14 on the west edge of New Ulm will remain in place until mid-October due to a delay in lighting supplies. The highway is being detoured during the construction of a roundabout for the entrance to the new Menards store in New Ulm. The work was initially expected to be completed in August, and then was set to be finished this week, but has now been delayed into next month. The detour includes Brown County Roads 12 and 29. Mn/DOT officials say that roundabout intersections lower the incidence of crashes, and can handle high levels of traffic with less delay than most stop signs or signals. Tips for driving through roundabouts can be found on the Mn/DOT website.

  • Dblshoemn

    Delaying reopening a U S Highway because somebody didn’t get lighting ordered properly is inexcusable.  I have never liked roundabouts.  Drove thru them over 20 years ago and didn’t like them then, will like this one even more.  I’m told by friends in other parts of the country where they have been in use for decades, that they are now taking them out because they finally figured out they don’t work as well in real life as they do on paper.  The main argument is that the will prevent ” the big one”- bad accidents.  Agreed…only because traffic speed is reduced.  They do seem to promote more accidents, and some of those are killers because of improper use of the roundabout and road conditions.  This one is going to catch a ton of snow.  The only people I have spoken to that are in favor of the roundabout all own towing services.  Not a coincidence.