NU City Council Preview 18 Sep 12

The New Ulm City Council will be discussing increases in city liquor license fees during it’s regular meeting this (TUE) evening. The Council will consider setting a public hearing on whether to raise the fees next year. The proposal calls for increasing on-sale liquor fee from $250 to $2,500. The on-sale wine fee would go from $50 to $250, and on- and off-sale 3.2 fees would each be raised $50. The hike in fees would bring New Ulm’s liquor fees closer to those of other municipalities. The issue was brought up last year as well, with the council deciding to only raise the fees a portion of the total planned increase to allow bar owners time to adjust. The annual cost of liquor enforcement in New Ulm is reportedly $155,000, while the liquor license fees bring in just-over $47,000 per-year. This evening’s New Ulm City Council meeting begins at 5 o’clock at City Hall.