Battle Of Birch Coulee 01 Sep 12

Sunday is the 150th anniversary of the battle of Birch Coulee, the most deadly for US forces in the Dakota War of 1862. The battle took place about 16 miles from Fort Ridgely, where a pair of battles had just recently been fought as well. A group of about 170 soldiers and cavalry members had been sent out from the fort to bury settlers killed in recent attacks by the Dakota, but they were ambushed by over 400 Indians on September 2nd. The attack involved a 31-hour siege on the US soldiers, and left 13 men and 90 horses dead, 47 men severely wounded, and numerous others less severely hurt. The fighting could be heard from Fort Ridgely, and the Dakota were dispersed after a relief party of hundreds of men and an artillery brigade was sent out. The Birch Coulee battlefield is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. The Dakota War was over 3 weeks after the battle.