Wal-Mart Kidnapper Hearing 06 Aug 12

A Worthington woman accused of attempting to kidnap an employee at the New Ulm Wal-Mart in June is scheduled to appear in court for an Omnibus Hearing this week. 37-year-old Elisheba Joy Swett faces multiple charges in Brown County Court, including kidnapping for a ransom, 2nd-degree aggravated robbery, 5th-degree assault, terroristic threats involving an explosive device, and theft. New Ulm Police took her into custody on June 14th after she allegedly forced a Wal-Mart associate from the New Ulm store and claimed she had planted a bomb in the building. The threat prompted an hour-and-a-half long evacuation while the store was searched, but no bomb was found. Swett remains in custody in the Brown County Jail, with bail set at $100,000. She’s scheduled to be in court on Tuesday. The main purpose of an Omnibus Hearing is to determine what testimony and evidence will be used in a trial.