Truman Settles Lawsuit 10 Aug 12

The City of Truman and the federal government have settled an employment claim filed by a police officer who served in Kuwait. The US Justice Department had sued the city for not giving Navy reservist Michael Schutz his full-time job back after he served overseas in the military. The lawsuit alleged the city violated federal law by making Schutz a part-time officer. The city denied violating the law and maintained it had shifted Shutz to part-time solely for budgetary reasons. Under the agreement, Truman must pay Schutz $11,000 – the value of unpaid benefits – and provide him with 40 additional hours of vacation time for 2012 and 2013. Schutz returned to full-time work as a police office last March. He says all he wanted was his job back. Truman City Attorney Jon Iverson says the city settled to avoid litigation expenses.