NU Water Tower Progress 30 Aug 12

The New Ulm Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday moved forward with a proposal to build a new water tower at Nehl’s Park in New Ulm. PUC commissioners approved a resolution to issue upwards of $2.5-million in bonds for several upcoming projects, including the new water tower. It is expected to cost around $1.5-million. PUC Engineer Pat Wrase says that officials are currently looking into the cost of building the new tower on the Comcast land in the New Ulm Country Club area, but the Nehl’s Park location remains the preferred site. Wrase says that the cost of the Comcast land would have to be feasible for the project, and that there would also then be the cost of providing additional piping to the site. Approval from the golf course would be necessary as well. Nehl’s Park remains the site the city has the most control over, and the PUC has instructed its consulting firm to begin drawing up a feasibility study for that location.