Mankato Stalker Charged 02 Aug 12

A Mankato man who spent time in jail after breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house and threatening her in 2009 has been arrested again for allegedly stalking the same woman. 25-year-old Johnathan Boyd was taken into custody earlier this week after the victim told police he was threatening her over the telephone. Officers recorded the threats, which included Boyd saying he was going to be “cutting” the victim and her family. He arrived at her apartment a short time later, but quickly left when he spotted the police. His car was stopped a short time later and Boyd was arrested without incident. He has now been charged with three felony stalking crimes, and his bail was set at $100,000 in court on Tuesday. Boyd was also charged with attempted murder in 2008 after he hit a man in the head with a railroad tie during an argument, but that charge was reduced to 3rd-degree assault. If convicted on the latest charges he will most likely be spending time in prison.