Local Area Eagle Attack 02 Aug 12

A Kentucky man working on the CapX2020 high voltage power lines in the local area was attacked by an eagle recently. Bob Chill had been in Minnesota for only 2 days when the attack occurred while he worked on the lines between Franklin and Fairfax. He had been operating a crane at the time, and the eagle had reportedly been on the ground under his truck for over a half-hour prior to the attack. Chill says that as he climbed down from the crane, the bird “just snapped” and came at him. His hard hat fell off his head as he ran from the angry bird, and the eagle attacked it with it’s talons and beak. Chill was not hurt. The DNR was called, and the work crew removed from the site. Eagles are usually not prone to attacking humans, although they have been known to take down bear cubs and small dogs, amongst other animals.