July Weather Recap 02 Aug 12

Weather experts say that July was a near-record hot month in some parts of Minnesota, as measured by average temperatures. Climatologist Pete Boulay says temperatures were three to four degrees above normal in the north, and over six degrees above average in southern Minnesota. He says that precipitation amounts varied greatly around the state as well. Differences in rainfall are now being reflected in the wide variation in crop conditions around Minnesota. In New Ulm it was the hottest July since 1988. The average high for the month just concluded in New Ulm was 88-degrees, with the warmest day of the month being July 7th, when it hit 98-degrees. The average low for the month was 65-degrees, with the coldest day being July 11th when it got down to 56. New Ulm had 2.02-inches of precipitation for the month of July this year as well, compared to 3.74-inches last year.