Deadly Amoeba Confirmed 14 Aug 12

The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed it was a rare amoeba infection that claimed the life of a Minnesota boy. Test results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed what Minnesota health officials suspected from the beginning. It’s believed seven-year-old Jack Ariola Erenberg contracted the rare form of meningitis in Lily Lake in Stillwater. Before Jack’s death there was only one other confirmed case of this infection in August of 2010. That seven-year-old child also swam in Lily Lake. Lily Lake remains closed for now. Health officials say that lake water must be warmer than 85-degrees for the deadly amoeba to grow. The 2010 case in Minnesota was more than 500 miles further north than any previously reported case. Officials recommend that swimmers keep their head out of the water, wear a nose clip and stay out of stagnant, warm water.