Dakota Reconciliation Ceremony 18 Aug 12

Drumming and chanting filled the air as about 300 people gathered along the Minnesota-South Dakota border Friday to mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the US-Dakota War. The event was a symbolic welcoming home of the Dakota people exiled from the state following the conflict. Eight Dakota grandmothers, four on each side of the state border, exchanged eagle feathers and sage. Around 600 settlers and soldiers were killed in the six-week war in 1862. Many Dakota were starving at that time because of delayed annuity payments and unfilled treaty provisions, and a few hundred attacked to reclaim their longtime homeland. It ended in December with the largest mass execution in US history when 38 Dakota men were hanged in Mankato.

  • Cora JonesCorajones

    Thank you Corinna Rae.  It was a very powerful gathering. The balance of the Planning Committee and I could not be more thankful or pleased as to how this gathering unfolded.  From the border we went on to the Pipestone National Monument and held a ceremony there.  I was appointed as the MC for that portion of our Gathering and felt very honored to do that. A pipe ceremony was held and speeches were given,  We, the Santee Sioux Nation, held a mini giveaway,Star Quilts were given to our two eldest Tribal Members attending Mrs. Ada Red Owl and your Uncle Al (hard to believe he is 80) One to Minnesota’s Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, one to MN.Rep Dean Urdahl, one to Ben Gessner from the MN Historical Society a young man who has been very helpful) one to the Oldest Dakotah Tribal member who came from Canada to attend this gathering (remember we the Dakotahs are now in 5 states as well as Canada as a result of this 1862 war) and finally we gave one to Jamie Weston because we had named him the Chairman of our Committee and he really put in some long hours working very hard. Plus, Colin and Tiffany came and were a part of this day so for their attendance I am thankful. Plus all my nieces and nephews who came. 
    Thank you my beautiful daughter for you very kind and thoughtful words.  I love you Mom