CHS Elevator Explosions 07 Aug 12

Three people suffered injuries in a dust explosion and fire at the CHS soybean processing plant in Fairmont Monday afternoon. It happened at around 2pm. A CHS employee was treated for minor burns following the explosion, and two firefighters trying to put out the resulting flames received minor injuries as well, one with steam burns, the other from heat exhaustion. The extent of the damage was not immediately clear, but fire crews had to tear off equipment and parts of the building while they chased the blaze through the facility. Authorities were worried about the fire spreading into the extraction portion of the facility, which contains explosive hexane gas. The Fairmont Fire and Police Departments, along with seven other fire departments from the surrounding area responded to the blast.

Two people were injured in an explosion at the CHS grain elevator in the City of Tracy on Monday. It happened early Monday afternoon in equipment that loads and unloads trucks and rail cars. One employee reportedly suffered minor burns, while a non-employee truck driver was also injured. Both were sent to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis for evaluation and treatment. Condition reports are not available. Company officials say there was no fire at the facility, and all employees are accounted for. CHS is working with local authorities and the state fire marshal’s office to determine the cause of the explosions. The company is still evaluating the extent of the damage as well.