CapX2020 Work Underway 02 Aug 12

Work is underway on the segment of the CapX2020 high-voltage power lines that begin at the Cedar Mountain Substation in Renville County and stretch east through the KNUJ area to Scott County. Work includes clearing trees and laying cement foundations for electrical poles, and concludes with stringing the electrical line. The Center For Rural Affairs’ Johnathan Hladik says the construction means economic development for the area also because building transmission lines requires labor and materials, and a lot of times this is locally sourced. He says this means more jobs for those who work in manufacturing or construction, and more business at every restaurant and every cafe located near the construction project. The construction is expected to be completed in 2015. The majority of the work is done with trucks and cranes, although it does involve some aerial work using helicopters. The statewide project has an overall price tag of $1.7-billion. Consumers will likely see an increase of around $2 on their monthly bills. For more information go to