Baby Murder Guilty Plea 09 Aug 12

A former Henderson woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby in the woods more than a decade ago has pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree manslaughter as part of a plea deal. 30-year-old Amy Ann Romero entered the plea in Sibley County Court on Wednesday. Authorities say that it was a challenging case to prosecute because of a lack of physical evidence. Sibley County Attorney David Schauer says that Romero agreed to double her time in prison in exchange for dropping the more serious charges against her. She will serve 8 years in prison. Romero confessed to leaving the newborn in the area known as Popkey Woods in Sibley County’s Jessenland Township in 2001 with the hope that coyotes would take her. No body was ever found. Romero had been living in Missouri at the time of her arrest for the murder early this year.