Undercover video shows gestation crates at Christensen Farms 18 Jul 12

An animal-rights group released an undercover video taken at a major Minnesota hog producer, Christensen Farms. The video was shot by Mercy for Animals at Christensen Farms’ hog barn in Hanska. The video shows sows in gestation crates and was specifically aimed at getting one of Christensen’s major customers, Costco to end the use of gestation crates in its supply system. An investigations director for Mercy for Animals says the video shows abuse and cruelty but Christensen Farms said in a statement the video depicts no exceptions to the company’s or the pork industry’s standards for humane treatment. Costco has sent a missive to its suppliers encouraging them to phase out gestation crates by 2022. This system was developed to protect pregnant pigs from each other. Animal rights groups have fought against gestation crates for years.