Republican Race Gets Ugly 26 Jul 12

Republicans Mike Parry and Allen Quist are sharpening their attacks in an increasingly bitter primary fight in southern Minnesota’s 1st District. Quist called Parry “an embarrassment to the Republican Party” after Parry’s campaign focused on controversial statements Quist made in the 1990s. Parry adviser Ben Golnik told reporters that Quist’s comments on homosexuality and other social issues make him “unelectable.” An email from Parry’s campaign reportedly told Quist to “man up” and take responsibility for the statements. Quist says that Parry’s campaign has gone “entirely negative.” The winner of the August 14th Primary Election will challenge Democratic Congressman Tim Walz. Quist and Parry will debate this Friday on Twin Cities Public Television’s “Almanac” show. Quist is holding a public Town Hall meeting today (THU) as well, beginning at 7pm at the Best Western off Highway 169 in North Mankato.