Chemical Spraying Man Arrested 03 Jul 12

A North Mankato man faces felony assault charges after allegedly spraying an automotive chemical at people in downtown Mankato early Saturday morning. The incident was reported at just after 2:30am. Authorities arrived at the intersection of Cherry and Front Streets in Mankato to find 2 men holding another man on the ground. Officers learned that the man on the ground, 24-year-old Ruben Eugene Jones, was a suspect in spraying individuals with an automotive chemical. Two victims that were reportedly sprayed in the eyes were treated by an ambulance on the scene and released. The entire incident was captured by city video surveillance cameras located downtown. Jones faces multiple charges, including 3rd-degree assault, disorderly conduct and disruptive intoxication.

  • Gus Martens

    didn’t say anything about one of the victims spending the whole night in the hospital after being sprayed