Car Hits House Charges 05 Jul 12

Car Hits House Charges

A Le Sueur man has been charged with multiple felonies for allegedly crashing a car into a house and injuring himself and his passenger. 28-year-old Darrin Matthew Reddick reportedly lost control of his vehicle during the early morning hours after a night of drinking and crashed into the home on Outer Drive in Le Sueur. He suffered a spine fracture, a cut to a kidney, multiple rib fractures and a depressed skull fracture in the crash, and his passenger, 31-year-old Wayne McCormick had a broken pelvis. Both men reportedly attempted to flee when police arrived at the scene, but were unable to due to their injuries. They were both hospitalized, and a blood sample taken about 80 minutes after the crash showed that Reddick had a blood-alcohol content of .21%. The State Patrol determined that Reddick had been driving upwards of 67 miles-per-hour when he failed to navigate a turn and hit the house. The house sprung a gas leak as a result of the collision, but the residents were unhurt. Reddick faces a total of 8 felony counts. His first court appearance is set for August 7th.