SWAT Team Arrest 21 Jun 12

A rural Blue Earth County man arrested by the regional SWAT Team last week has been charged with felony terroristic threats. The Minnesota River Valley Tactical Team confiscated several firearms from the home of 53-year-old David Charles Rasmussen in Butternut Valley Township when he was arrested for allegedly firing shots while two men were at his residence. Authorities were called out to the home after Rasmussen reportedly threatened to kill his father, who had apparently recently told his son he was planning on turning his farming operation over to a business partner. Rasmussen had also allegedly threatened to release personal financial information about his father over the Internet. When Blue Earth County deputies arrived to arrest Rasmussen, they learned that he could be armed with assault rifles, and that he did not intend to leave the home. The SWAT team was called in at that point. Rasmussen’s bail has been set at $20,000. He remains in the Blue Earth County Jail, with his next court hearing scheduled for June 28th.