Sleepy Eye Burglary Charges 29 Jun 12

A St. Paul man faces felony burglary charges in Brown County Court after allegedly breaking into the Sleepy Eye Servicemen’s Club over the weekend. Sleepy Eye police were on patrol at around 2:30am Saturday when they reportedly spotted 49-year-old Thomas Ross Lindstrom sitting near the rear door of the Servicemen’s Club. It was later learned that the door had been forced open. Lindstrom fled on foot when an officer approached, and when authorities caught up with him they were forced to use a tazer multiple times to subdue him. Lindstrom told police he and 2 other men were in Sleepy Eye to participate in an activity involving a “large amount of methamphetamine.” He was taken to the Brown County Detox before being booked into jail. He has been charged with felony 2nd and 3rd-degree burglary as well as misdemeanor fleeing a police officer.