Sex Offender Prison Time 27 Jun 12

A predatory offender living in Sleepy Eye has been sentenced to serve 18 months in prison for failing to mail a verification form or report in. 31-year-old Louis Martinez Junior was convicted of the felony failure to register charge on Monday in Brown County Court. Martinez had been serving a 15-year probation sentence for raping a teenage girl while living with her and her family in Sleepy Eye and Fairfax in early 2010. He reportedly got the girl pregnant as well. Martinez then pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree criminal sexual conduct in March of 2011. He was ordered to report to the state correctional facility in St. Cloud immediately on Monday for the violation, and was also fined over $200. He will be given credit for the 46 days he spent in the Brown County Jail while awaiting his sentencing.