New Ulm K-Mart Closes 11 Jun 12

The final day of business for the New Ulm K-Mart was Sunday. The closure of the New Ulm store was part of a larger 15-store closure by K-Mart’s parent company, Sears Holding. Those closures came after the company posted a $2.4-billion loss in the 4th quarter of 2011. K-Mart came to New Ulm in the early 1970s, and remained profitable for decades, even with the arrival of Target and Wal-Mart in the community. The majority of K-Mart’s New Ulm inventory had been sold off in recent weeks, including most of the shelving in it’s building. Every New Ulm K-Mart employee was offered the option of transferring to another store following the closure, but most reportedly turned the offer down in order to remain in New Ulm.