Murder Guilty Plea 21 Jun 12

A Lake Crystal woman accused of murdering her husband pleaded guilty Wednesday. 35-year-old Jennifer Nibbe has been in custody since shortly after the August 31st, 2010 killing of James Nibbe at the couple’s home south of Lake Crystal. Nibbe pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder in Blue Earth County Court Wednesday, after accepting an agreement that will likely see her spend just under 17 years in prison. She is expected to be sentenced to 306 months in prison as part of the plea deal, and could then be released after 202 months with god behavior. A 1st-degree murder charge was dismissed. Nibbe claims she doesn’t remember exactly what happened the morning of the murder. She had called 911 to report that her husband had been shot by an intruder, who also attacked her, but she later admitted to using a shotgun to shoot James Nibbe while he slept and then setting up the fake crime scene. She is scheduled to be officially sentenced July 9th.