MN Milk Production Steady 28 Jun 12

Milk production remained unchanged in Minnesota last month, with the state’s output at 786-million pounds in May. The bulk of the 23 major milk-producing states in the nation showed gains in milk production in May, including in Wisconsin, where dairy producers increased their output by 2%, to 2.3-billion pounds of milk. That’s an improvement of 54-million pounds over the same month last year. California remains the nation’s leader, with 3.7-billion pounds of milk harvested last month. Wisconsin is still in second place, producing about as much as the next two states combined. Overall, the nation produced 16.4-billion pounds of milk last month, a 2% gain.

  • cowdoc

    Wow is the picture for this outdated!  Very few farmers bucket milk anymore. Most use pipelines where the milk is taken directly from the udder to the bulk tank with no open exposure to air, dust, dirt, etc.