McLeod Cty GOP Issues 12 Jun 12

The Chair of the McLeod County Republican Party was recently served a restraining order, and late last week 3 members of the McLeod County GOP Executive Committee resigned. The restraining order against County Chair Eric Harpel was filed by Republican State Representative Mary Franson, of Alexandria, who alleged that he stalked, threatened and harassed her. The two had apparently been in a relationship earlier this year, and after it ended Harpel allegedly sent her lewd and threatening emails and text messages and had other people spy on her. In a written statement he confirmed that there had been a relationship, and that emotions had been “running high” between the 2 since it ended. On Thursday, McLeod County GOP Executive Committee members Marie Thurn, Linda Senst, and Bob Senst submitted their resignations, with at least 2 of them claiming it was due to the issues between Harpel and Franson. The seats will likely be filled at the committee’s July 12th meeting.