Sibley Cty Pollution Fine 02 May 12

A Sibley County man has been fined a total of $14,500 dollars by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for burning hazardous materials at an abandoned farm near Gibbon last year. Pollution Control officials say that Reed Burgstahler violated state laws requiring permits for waste disposal by burning an old house and other materials, including painted wood and metal, vinyl siding, old appliances, paint cans, asphalt roofing, and garbage at the farmsite last October. Some of the materials later tested positive for asbestos as well. In addition to the fine, Burgstahler has also been ordered to clean up the property and dispose of the waste with the proper permits. He must also write a letter to the editor for The Land, a statewide farm publication, explaining that it is illegal to burn old farm buildings and improperly dispose of the debris.