No Plea For Bank Robber 29 May 12

An alleged bank robber accused of stealing from banks across the state, including in St. Peter and Gaylord, has reportedly backed out of a plea deal with federal prosecutors. 49-year-old Mark Edward Wetsch, dubbed the “Man in Black” by some, was caught in St. Peter this past January. He is facing a total of 13 counts of armed bank robbery in federal court, including for bank robberies in Cologne, St. Peter and Gaylord. A plea hearing had been scheduled to be held today (TUE), but that has now been cancelled and the defense is requesting a new hearing to reportedly challenge constitutional issues, including claims that the arrest was unlawful and that statements Wetsch made to police after his arrest weren’t voluntary. His attorneys say that Wetsch now plans to take the case to trial as well. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for July 20th.