Nicollet County Redistricting 07 May 12

The Nicollet County Board finalized a re-districting plan for the county this week, and commissioners drew straws to see who will run for 2-year terms this year and who will serve 4-year terms. Redistricting is required every 10 years to equalize the number of residents in each district. The changes in the boundaries in Nicollet County this year mean that elections will be required for all 5 seats on the County Board. Jack Kolars of North Mankato and James Stenson of St. Peter will be up for re-election for 2-year terms this year, although they have not confirmed that they will run. The remaining commissioners, if they run, would then serve 4-year terms. The county commissioner candidate filing period begins May 22nd, and ends June 5th. North Mankato grew by about 1,500 residents over the past 10 years, and now makes up 41% of Nicollet County’s population. St. Peter grew by about 1,400 people, and makes up about a third of the county’s population. The most noticeable change to Nicollet County’s political map is that the 5th District added New Sweden Township.