Minnesota Welcomes Ron Paul 19 May 12

US Representative Ron Paul got a very warm welcome at Minnesota’s State Republican Convention on Friday. The Texas congressman shared his message of a less aggressive US foreign policy, personal liberty, and the role of limited government. He told the crowd the government is “not there to manage the entitlement system, is not meant to police the world, it was there to protect our liberties from any encroachment.” The majority of delegates to the state convention were Paul supporters, and he got some of the biggest cheers of the day. Paul also supported state Representative Kurt Bills’ bid for the party’s US Senate endorsement, which was successful. Four years ago, Paul was barred from speaking at Minnesota’s Republican Convention.

  • GOPNeighbor

    The article should say, “When Ron Paul called for legalizing raw milk, using ‘hemp for making rope and maybe even smoking some once in a while’ he received the some of the biggest cheers of the day.”