Brown Cty Detour Approved 23 May 12

The Brown County Board on Tuesday approved a detour request from the City of New Ulm. The detour is part of the construction of a new Menard’s store on Highway 14 in New Ulm. Brown County Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens says that the Board needed to approve the request because the detour will involve county roads. He says that Menard’s will ultimately be the one paying for the additional wear and tear on the roads. The projected cost is around $11,600. The detour off Highway 14 on the west end of New Ulm will be Brown County Road 12 to County Road 29, the same detour used when the New Ulm Wal-Mart was being constructed. A detour is needed during the Menard’s construction because Mn/DOT is requiring that a roundabout be constructed for Highway 14. Stevens says the detour will be in place for a maximum of 150 days, but that the work is unlikely to take that long. Site work has already begun for the new Menard’s, and the construction of the Menard’s building is expected to start by the end of next month.